"Jaga" the Warrior & a young man "Ngayuk" unite against a world superpoer to save the longest surviving race on earth.

Jaga - Feature Film

We celebrate the Warrior "Jaga" and a young man "Ngayuk" who lead the way against all odds to save a magical world against the world superpower to ensure continuation as the longest surviving people on earth ... and its based on a true story.


The script is complete.


Join us and be part of sharing a part of history that time has forgotten.


SCRIPT: Buy the script in paperback form. Launch planned in early 2015.

BOOK: Order the book on which the script was developed called The Last Cry (1997) by Mick Woiwod.

PARTNERS: Partner with us to buy tickets in advance (not released yet or raise finance ensure this film is shared globally.


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