Jaga Movie History


Jaga the Warrior & a boy unite the longest surviving race on earth, against the world superpower, to keep a magical world from being destroyed.

Jaga Movie History

Join us on the journey of young "Ngayuk" in the timeless paradise of Australia, as he passes his initiation to manhood only to find his way of life under threat by a new world superpower.


Ngayuk quickly learns new ways, finds love and war as he follows the Warrior Jaga as their last chance for survival and to stop their magical world from being destroyed.


The feature film provides an insight into a magical world and sustainable way of life that worked in harmony with the earth for over 40,000 years and is now at the brink of being lost forever.


Executive Producers of the film in development and writers of the script are Aunty Joy Wandin Murphy and Edward Obrenovic Fraser. They have recently written the script based on the book by Mick Woiwod called The Last Cry (1997).


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